Mises Institute: Marx and Marxism

Une série de conférences sur le thème de Marx et le Marxisme tenues par le Mises Institute.

Sujets et conférenciers:

  1. Foundations of Marx’s Philosophy and Economics [David Gordon]
  2. Marx and the Organization of Labor Under Socialism [Williamson M. Evers]
  3. Classical-Liberal Roots of Marxist Class Analysis [Ralph Raico]
  4. Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk’s Critique of Karl Marx [Richard M. Ebeling]
  5. Marx and Mercantilism [David Osterfeld]
  6. The Marx Nobody Knows [Gary North]
  7. Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis [Hans-Hermann Hoppe]

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  1. awesome infographics. thank you for sharing